Dynamic Content

Drag and drop a Dynamic List onto any page, link it to a content collection, and design it in real time — with your actual content. Need to change an article's headline? Edit it once, and it’ll update across the site.

dynamic content

mobile friendly

Rudra is fully responsive.Every design change you make cascades to smaller devices automatically.Your animations will work smoothly on any device.

mobile friendly


Symbols in WebFlow automatically update across your site — perfect for repeating elements!


Cross-browser compatible

Rudra is fully compatile in all browsers.Your animations will work in every modern browser.

cross browser compatible

Prebuilt components

WebFlow comes with prebuilt components such as Forms,Tabs,Lightbox,Slider,Navigation,Rich Text,Headers,Images and Links.

prebuilt components

fully customizable

Rudra is fully customixable.Take control of every breakpoint, so your site looks pixel-perfect on every device.

full customizable

one click code export

With WebFlow premium plans, you can easily export your HTML and CSS to use as you like.

one click code export

Zero Coding

Webflow writes clean, semantic code for you. So all you have to do is focus on design and content.WebFlow will handle the rest.

zero coding

SeO Ready

Webflow CMS sites are SEO-optimized and load in less than 100ms, all of which help your site's ranking. You have access to your pages' title and description meta tags, Open Graph settings, alt tags, and semantic HTML5 tags for every element in your site.

seo ready